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By Emily Sanderson — January 21, 2009

SPRING CITY — City council members held a working meeting Jan. 15 to discuss modifications to the city’s nuisance ordinance, which has been deemed unenforceable because of loopholes and general vagueness.

The council seeks to replace the nuisance ordinance with separate ordinances, such as a dog ordinance and a livestock ordinance, which address specific pets and livestock animals that could pose a nuisance to neighbors, from factors such as flies, odor and noise.  How many horses, cows, sheep, and dogs a resident can keep was the main subject of discussion.

The council is reviewing ordinances from other cities and hopes to craft ordinances for Spring City which will best reflect the needs of city residents.  However, after two hours of discussion, the council determined that additional research is needed.

In other matters, the council discussed the prospect of replacing sidewalks along Spring City’s Main Street.  Mayor Eldon Barnes was concerned that if the city replaced the sidewalks along Main Street, they should not be required to work on other streets in town.

Because of snow removal needs, a proposal was discussed to require bed and breakfasts to provide off-street parking for guests.

The items discussed in the working meeting will be included on the agenda for further discussion at the city council meeting Thursday, Jan. 22.  A public hearing has been scheduled at 6 p.m. prior to the city council meeting to discuss the proposed master meter that would be installed at the trailer park in the city.

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